Web Tools for the Classroom

Top 5 Pick

What is a Web 2.0 Tool

Web 2.0 is about revolutionizing new ways of creating, collaborating, editing and sharing user-generated content online. It's also about ease of use. With web 2.0 tools, there's no need to download, and teachers and students can master many of these tools in minutes.

Why should I use use web 2.0 tools with my students?

  • Interactive, engages learners in creating a product
  • Accessible- anywhere you have web access
  • Collaborative- encourages sharing of work and "audience participation
  • Impress everyone with your tech-savvy skills :-)

Start with a few easy to use sites; add to your toolbox as you learn!

#1 Voki

Voki- Create or choose an avatar and convey your message. Use text-to-speech OR record your own voice. Voki can be posted to any website or blog. Check it out!

#2 Prezi

Prezi- is a cool alternative to powerpoint. Begin with a blank canvas- create the look you want. Viewers can control the movement- zoom in and out.

#3 VoiceThreads

VoiceThreads- group conversations are collected and shared in one place from anywhere in the world. All with no software to install. A VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to navigate slides and leave comments in 5 ways.

#4 Animoto

Animoto- Great tool for creating slideshows. With Animoto, you and your students can collaborate to create exciting videos from their digital photos, video clips, and music.

#5 LiveBinder

LiveBinders- is a free online tool that's like having a 3-ring binder on the web for organizing and storing resources.