Vocabulary Presentation 10

by Rachel Pomerantz

Fill in the blank.

Mozart practiced for hours every day on his ______, which produced a pleasant sound barely audible outside of the practice room.


-a keyboard instrument, like a piano or harpsichord, with strings
-(more general) any musical instrument with a keyboard
-comes from the Latin word "clavis," meaning key

Related Words

Alternate forms:
-clavierist (noun); clavieristic (adjective)

piano, clavichord, organ, harpsichord

woodwinds, trumpet, silence

Interesting Tidbits

if you know German... das Klavier = piano
if you know French... le clavier = keyboard

if you know Czech... klavír = piano
if you know Turkish... klavye = keyboard

Difference between piano and clavier:
-Clavier: invented about 700 years ago, was too quite to be heard by an audience
-Piano: louder version of clavier
original name was pianoforte (forte in music means loud)
The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I: No. 2 In C minor, BWV 847

Which sentence misuses the bolded word?

a. Because apartment regulations dictated the amount of noise she was allowed to make, Julia bought a modern clavier to practice her piano skills on.
b. Matthew broke his clavier when he fell down the stairs and had to undergo surgery to repair it.
c. As a classical music major, Sam took classes on antiquated instruments such as the lute, clavier, and lautenwerck.
d. Because of the physical limitations of the instrument, no matter how forcefully one hits a clavier it will still only produce a soft sound.