All about Me

Jessica Bure

Who Am I?

My name is Jessica Bure I am 15 years old and born in Canada. When you first meet me I am very shy and don’t talk much. But after I get comfortable I talk a lot and I am much more open. I get sad or mad very easily. I cry over little things. I try not to but I just can’t help it. When I get mad I get very angry but after a day I am perfectly fine. I love listening to acapella. One of my favorite movies is pitch perfect cause the movie is based on a bunch of different groups singing acapella.

Life Line

When i became an aunt

April 30, 2016

My Favorite Things

My Leadership Style

The type of leadership I have is affiliative. This is when a leader creates emotional bonds and harmony. This type of leadership is best used when a team member is going through a difficult time and needs a heal rift or when they need motivation. This relates to me because I always motivate people to achieve their goals even when they think they cannot. Like my friends dream is to grow up and be a soccer player so I encourage him to always play his best and keep working on it, even when it gets hard keep trying.

My Influnce

My main influence are my best friends Indie and Khushi. They have helped shaped me into the person I am today. They show me right from wrong when I don’t know the difference. They have a huge influence on the choices I make. Whenever I am made at someone or something they show me the other person’s point of view and they share their opinions on the situation. My friends influence me to try new things even if I don’t want to. Like at Wonderland I didn’t want to go on the leviathan but they encourage me to go on it at least once. There told me nothing would happen and they were right after that I went on it three more times again.

My Role Model

My role model is my dad. He is my role model because when I was little he always told me to do the best I can at everything even when it gets hard. He also told me not to give up on anything just keep trying and eventually will succeed. He passed away like 8 years ago, but since then what ever I do or any decisions I make I always think about what he would think about it. So I love achieving my goals because I know that he would be very proud of me. He has always been my role model and forever will be.

My Future

My future career is to become a pediatrician doctor. I am interested in this job because I love children and babies. If I could make a baby or child feel better that would be the best feeling ever. Kids in general are so amazing to work with that is why I chose this profession. To become a pediatrician I need to go to university and have a 91 average. I plan to go to Wilfred Laurieal as my university pathway.

Family Symbol


Sweets is also something that represents my family. This is because every time something good happens we celebrate it by buying sweets for everybody in the family to make everyone happy. We provide family members with sweets on certain occasions and to our loved ones to share happiness and have a celebration.


Soccer is something me and my whole family love playing. It is our favorite sport to play and we also love watching it. My family’s favorite soccer team Manchester United. Whenever we go to the beach we always bring a soccer ball with us and play soccer. It’s one of my family’s favorite thing to do.

Quiz Results

- My blue print quizzes-

· Learning Style: Visual

· Personality: ENFP (Extroverted, intuiting, Feeling, Perceiving)

· Interest: The Confidant

· Knowledge: Computers

· Motivations: Working Conditions

- Multiple intelligence: Intrapersonal

- Career/learning style quizzes (ability quiz): Manual Dexterity

- True colors: Orange

- Meyer-Briggs personality: Mediator

- John Holland Career: Helping

- Right or Left Brain: Right Brain


Most accurate quiz

The test that was most accurate was the Right brain or Left brain. This was the most accurate one because the results I got at the end of the quiz were very true. I got the right side brain, which means that I am more visual and intuitive. I am really good at summarizing multiple points and pick up on what’s not said also really well at visualizing. But I lack attention in detail, directness, organization and ability to explain my ideas verbally. So basically I cannot communicate effectively. Therefore I am right side dominate.

Most helpful/ Least helpful

The quiz that was most helpful in determining what I want is the John Holland Career quiz. This was the most helpful one because it give me my most interested result and told me what careers would be best for me. It told me I enjoy assisting other people, teaching and taking care of others. So some jobs I could be attracted can involve education, counselling, health care, social services and human resources. The least helpful quiz was the multiple intelligence quiz. This is because it didn’t tell my much about what I cared about. All it did tell me was the different type of intelligence and my percentage for each of them. My highest intelligence is interpersonal, it is 75% and my least intelligence is verbal where I got 19%


Manual Dexterity- working with your hands. It is on hands work. Also able to move your hands easily and skillfully. For example working sewing.

Creating- this is creating things with your artistic expression, imagination and creative use of language. For example visual arts

Persuading – which is leading, influencing and managing others. For example entrepreneurship.

Verbal Ability- able to understand meaning of words and ideas associated with them, and able to use them effective. For example writing.


Judging- this means how to approach to work, planning and decision making. For example picking between what to eat.

Building- which is able to work with mechanics and construction or using any physical skill. For example building something.

Thinking- which means anything that is involved in researching, analysing and solving abstract or theoretical problems. So like analyzing an artifact.

Numerical Ability- Doing simple math and solving simple equations. For example adding or subtracting something.

Over all opinion

By doing all these test I learned a lot about myself. I realized I really enjoy working either other people especially kids. I also learned that when making decisions I follow my heart and also think about other people’s feelings before mine. What surprised me was that building so like construction, etc. are differently not my thing. On all my quizzes this topic had the least percentage. Doing these quizzes taught me a lot about myself and what I’d be good at doing in the future and showed me jobs that I would never like.