Team Awesome

February 17-21

Social Studies

Australia test is Thursday. Please encourage your child to study!!!

Students should be working on the first 2 assignments of Part 2 of Create a Country.

We will start our European Geography Unit on Friday.


Regular Math: Our Ratio & Proportions Unit Test will be this Tuesday with the performance task being Wednesday. We will use Monday to get back in the swing and review for the test with the unit review work. We will begin our geometry unit this Thursday.


Advanced Math - We will review our Ratio & Proportions unit Monday. The test for this unit will be held Tuesday with the performance task on Wednesday. We will begin our Geometry Unit this Thursday.

POW: Zips and Zaps Dues date extended to Friday due to snow days.


Since we only had one day last week, science update is the same as what you sent out last week to parents-we did not get very far on last Monday!

Language Arts

This week in ELA, we'll continue our contract work. Students will have the opportunity to visit the Book Fair, and we'll work on a shared reading. Students in 2nd and 6th periods also have vocabulary they're working on incorporating into their lexicons, which we will evaluate on Friday.