On the Road to Success

September 19-23

Important Reminders

  • Students should be bringing home a book bag each day with a class library book inside. These are books your child has selected that are at his/her reading level. It is extremely important that your child takes care of the books in the bag. The cost to replace a lost or damaged book is $6.00.
  • When sending notes or money to school please make sure it is labeled with the date, your child's name, and my name. Lunch money needs to be in an envelope or baggie with the same information. It is also important to include your child's lunch number.
  • If you need to contact me, please use my school email: extinclass@hobart.k12.in.us. I can also be reached on my school phone: 219-947-7869 ext. 8538. Please keep in mind that I only check voice mail and email when I am not with students. I check daily before school, around 10:00, and again after school.

Meet our classmates!

Starting the week of September 26th, this section will highlight a few of our students. Students will receive a homework assignment on Monday that will be due on Friday of that week. Students will need to write a paragraph about themselves and share it with me on Google docs. We will post their all about me paragraph and a picture in the newsletter!

Chrome Book Policy

Now that we have our Chrome books we will be using them daily in class. All students need to have headphones that stay at school. It is important that your child brings their charged Chrome book every day to school. If your child does not have it he/she may not be able to participate in class activities, assessments, and assignments. Your child will NOT be allowed to call home for someone to bring it to school and the office will NOT accept them if they are brought in by a family member. There will be consequences for students when the Chrome book is not charged or it is not brought to school.

  • 1st time - Student will lose a DOJO and receive a warning
  • 2nd time and beyond - Student will lose a DOJO and serve a lunch detention


Monday, Sept. 19 - Student council officer elections

Tuesday, Sept. 20 - Mighty Acorns permission due

Wednesday, Sept. 21 - PTO meeting

Friday, Sept. 23 - Progress reports go home & Spell Bowl permission slips due

Monday, Sept. 26 - Canoemobile trip and College Go Week begins

Tuesday, Sept. 27 - Spell Bowl informational meeting

Wednesday, Sept. 28 - Harlem Wizards visit school & first student council meeting

Thursday, Sept. 29 - Tour of the high school for College Go Week

College Go Spirit Week!

Monday, Sept. 26 - Wear your favorite union or college gear

Tuesday, Sept. 27 - Wear military, armed forces, or camouflage

Wednesday, Sept. 28 - Dress as your future career

Thursday, Sept. 29 - Wear college hat and/or gear

Friday, Sept. 30 - Show your Brickie pride! Wear purple and gold!

Our School Day

Regular School Day

8:30 - Breakfast

8:45 – All students can enter building

8:55 – Attendance is taken

Late Start Wednesday

9:00 – Breakfast

9:10 – All students can enter the building

9:15 – Attendance is taken

Specials Schedule

Monday – Gym (Students need gym shoes)

Tuesday – Art

Wednesday – Library (Students need their library books)

Thursday – Music

Friday - Art

Reading and Vocabulary

We continue to focus on learning the procedures and routines of our literacy block. This week we will continue our second story in Journeys, My Brother Martin. Each story has several words that will be a focus of our vocabulary study. Our words for this week will be: captured, dream, encounters, example, injustice, nourishing, numerous, preffered, recall, segregation. You can find practice with our vocabulary words here. We will also be looking at these prefixes and how they can help us figure out the meaning of words: re-, in-

In our story we will look at characteristics of text genres and point of view. At this point of the school year it will take us about two weeks to complete the lessons that go with our story because we are also establishing the routines for our literacy block. Students will know when the reading and vocabulary test is coming because they will be assigned to read the story at home for homework and complete a vocabulary review page. Our learning goals will be:

  • I can identify basic characteristics of a text genre.
  • I can identify point of view.

On Monday we will take some time to read about our Constitution in honor of Constitution Day which was Saturday.

Math-Mrs. Jancich

This week we will be finishing up the first topic, Place Value, and test on Wednesday. On Tuesday, your child should bring home his/her chapter test from the workbook to do as homework. This will have all of the skills assessed on the test.

Our Learning Goals during this chapter have been:

  • I can say and write numbers in work, number, and expanded form
  • I can use place value to compare numbers
  • I can round numbers to the nearest given place value
  • I can explain my answers using what I know about place value

On Thursday we will begin chapter 2, which is Fluently Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers .

Learning Goals for the end of the week are:

  • I can add and subtract numbers mentally using a variety of methods
  • I can use rounding to estimate sums and differences

Word Study

This week we will have a traditional spelling test with words that have long /e/ and short /e/ sounds. Please practice these words and words that follow the same pattern at home.

speed, least, steep, greed, freedom, shelf, chief, steam, beast, gleam, believe, eager, cheap, fresh, member, kept, reason, speck, pretend, west

Challenge words: echo, creature, restaurant, menu, reveal

You can find practice with our spelling words here.

Our learning goals will be:

  • I can apply knowledge of long and short vowel sounds when reading and spelling words.
  • I can put words in alphabetical order.


This week we will start to look at the structures and behaviors of crayfish. We will also start to talk about adaptations that they have that help them survive. Some pictures of our class from our first crayfish observation day are below.

Our Learning Goals are:

  • I can identify and explain the purpose of the structures of a living organism.
  • I can identify and explain the purpose of a living organism's adaptation.
  • I can describe an organisms behaviors and explain how the behaviors may benefit the organism in the wild.

Curisve Handwriting

We will be learning to write in cursive this year! This week we will begin learning and practicing cursive letters. I will be assigning some cursive practice for homework this week and during the next few weeks of school until we have been introduced to all the letters.