Columbus Day Should be Celebrated!

Rosa Martinez

Evidence One

Columbus Day is a day that has been celebrated for a hundred years; Christopher Columbus was considered worthy of being honored all those years ago for certain reasons that still stand today. Christopher Columbus was chosen to celebrated because of his admirable qualities he possessed. He was a confident man that believed in discovering a new world, and would not rest until he did. In the time period he lived in, it was a ridiculous notion to believe that the world was round, and that there was land beyond the ocean, but he stood firm in his beliefs. And by standing firm in his beliefs he made one of the biggest discoveries: America.

Evidence Two

By discovering America, Christopher Columbus allowed for Europeans to come over and with them bring their knowledge that helped shape the creation of the United States. The United States of America may now stand alone, apart from the Europe, but without the influences it had, we could not have started out as such a strong nation. That is something that, albeit indirectly, Christopher Columbus helped see to. His qualities represent all that America, as a nation values: bravery, ambition, intelligence, creativity, and confidence. It is these traits (that many Americans strive for) and his accomplishments (that his traits helped him achieve) that he is still celebrated today.

As he should be- always and forever.