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Notary Public + Title Notary / General Office Duties-Typing / Translations / Certifications

Need immediate assistance: Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Small business, Org; Ministries, drafting, filling out all kinds legal or Court Order/motions related response documents and other forms as well. We can create Business Presentation Pkgs; 501(c)(3) filing and one page websites for your business or cause. Need a resume or to up date one, artist presentation package or photo Comp. We can also assist with and provide: CPR, AED and OSHA certifications/renewal or S.T.A.R. First time driver or Traffic Court mandatory ticket classes.

We can assist you also in Spanish and Creole.

We Also Provide Community Service Hours for both High School & Court Order

Try our Awesome Services & Business Opportunites

Come to our location for more extensive services or we can provide mobile processing. Our fees are tax deductible, so help our organization fund-raise. To help our local youth mentoring and labor training programs. Need temporary office space for a day or more, our Business Incubator and Conference spaces are available (7) days a week. Need a place to conduct a weekly Meetings, Casting or need help with planing an event or fundraiser? We have it and can be your Fiscal Agent , for the project fundraising opportunity, venue or grant solicitation, too.

Northside Centre Plaza / Liberty Flea Market

We are located between 79 Street and 27th Avenue NW, in Central Miami Dade-County and off of I-95 & exit (9)- heading west on 79th Street until 28th Ave-make a right into the plaza. We are directly on the middle of the "WEST"-back side of the Plaza. Entrance through the Plaza Office double glass doors and into the elevator -heading left on the second floor. To Ste. E233 Little River Community Center.