Central African Republic

The trouble in the Central African Republic

The Central African Republic has struggled to provide safety and security for its people. Over the last 50 years the country's political history has been punctuated and very poorly structured. Muslim rebel movements banded together in a loose alliance known as Seleka. This group has caused a tremendous amount of damage to the area and the people who live in the area. The violence has also contributed to a big collapse in the country's infrastructure such as schools and hospitals which are both very important to the civilians that live in the country.

Ethnic Cleansing

Christian self-defense forces also known as the Anti-Balaka were opposed to the Seleka and began targeting muslim civilians. The Anti-Balaka carried out numerous attacks once the Seleka were no longer in power which added more mutual hatred between the groups. The two groups willingness to engage in violence only increases the possibility in total destruction of the area and all the people who live in the area. Up to 6,000 people have been killed through the fighting which was submitted to the United Nations which caught their attention very quickly. In the eyes of the UN all of the citizens there are in danger and something must be done, but nothing has been done.

Unspeakable Horrors

Thousands of people are dying at the hands of militia gangs, they are extremely violent and have no remorse for the other side. The Seleka and Anti-Balaka are targeting each other to kill as well as civilians of the opposing side. Both sides are relentless and will do whatever it takes to stop the other, they have guns and a lot of other weapons that they use to try to weaken the other side.The violence between the groups is very public as well, it is no secret that they target the other sides to kill. The Seleka and Anti-Balaka will stop at nothing to dispose of the other side completely.

Millions of citizens at risk


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