Laura's O2 Sisters February 2016

Many more updates to come!

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Top pv earners in January!

Congratulations to these ladies for earning the Spring Hostess Exclusive for $25. You will receive an email from the nest on how to order. So proud of you!

Delma Moreno 358.3

Edith Morales 335.6

Lorenza Castillo 310.4

Iliana De Avila 304.7

Monica Padilla 287.4

Elizabeth Madrid 282.6

Delia Rios 270.7

Maria Romero 268.6

To learn more about all of the changes, please register ASAP for SOAR Saturday meeting. Our regional directior Abby Teet from the Nest will be there.

Saturday, Feb. 6th, 8:30-10:30am

Gabriel's Cafe - 1270 Giles Road El Paso, TX 79915

So many things I cannot share until The Nest sends out official email, but I can give you some highlights of what is coming!

1. New Career plan

2. My O2 rewards enhancements

3. New starter kits

4. New business tools and improved communications

5. An enhanced back office

6. The new O2 Bundle with advanced reporting capabilities

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Thank you for supporting my goals and making this recognition possible!

As you know, I can't do any of this without your support, dedication and hard work!

Thank you!!!

Please let me know if I can be of assistance:


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