King George III

Priyanka Barve

Who is King George III?

King George III was the monarch of Britain during the American Revolution. He ruled Great Britain and Ireland (and also the United Kingdom, after they joined as one union) from about 1760 to 1820, at his death. He was an extremely influential leader whose actions impacted us all.

What was the American Revolution?

The American Revolution took place between 1765 and 1783. It was the war that won America it's independence from England. It took place in the 13 Original Colonies of North America (the first thirteen states of what is now the United States).

Impact on the World

During King George's reign, the British Empire tripled in size. He acquired territories in Southern Africa, Southern Asia, and Australia. Ireland and England joined together to become the United Kingdom during his rule as well.

Impact on America

During his rule, King George made many mistakes. Many of the colonists from the 13 Colonies were angered by his "tyranny" and "lack of judgement." They used all of his mistakes that he made while ruling England to set up a foundation of government that was much stronger than other government.
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