The Blake Buzz

Week of August 31- September 4, 2015

I hope all of you had a nice weekend and that you are ready for the work that is needed this week to help our kids be successful. Our kids are counting on all of us! Thank you to all of you for your dedication and commitment to changing the trajectory of students' lives. You are making a difference every day.

Week at-a-Glance

Monday, August 31

  • Bellarmine Literacy Project class in the library 5-8PM
  • Send 1 paper copy of weekly newsletters to the office in attendance folder
  • Send down schedules and discipline plans due last Friday

Tuesday, September 1

  • Faculty Meeting 4-5PM - Please be prepared to discuss grading and report card procedures so we can come to school-wide consensus for primary and intermediate
  • Special-Called SBDM meeting 5PM

Wednesday, September 2

  • Karate Club 4:15-5:15PM for selected 2nd/3rd graders

**Safety Drills conducted this week. Please review your procedures.

Other Important Dates this Month:

Monday, September 7- No School, Labor Day

Tuesday, September 8- Faculty Meeting

Thursday, September 10- SCM training 4:15-6:15PM

Monday, September 14- Boy Scout Assembly 1st-3rd 2PM, 4th-5th 2:15PM

Tuesday, September 15- Open House 5:30-7PM

Wednesday, September 16- Picture Day

Monday, September 21- Girl Scout Assembly K-2nd 2PM, 3rd-5th 2:15PM

Tuesday, September 22- Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, September 23- SBDM Meeting 8:00AM

Friday, September 25- Stranger Danger Assemblies K-2nd 1:20-2:15PM, 3rd-5th 2:30-3:15




Jill uses her extraordinary talents working tirelessly in the cafeteria to teach students expectations and start an incentive program for good behavior. She works very well with the students, explaining and reminding them of what is expected every day. She lines students up, gets them to their seats, helps them open things on their trays, and created superhero place cards, all with a smile on her face and a pleasant, positive attitude. She even does something special with the fifth graders where she asks them questions and lets them take turns giving their favorite answers. (Nominated by Jill Banta)

Other Nominees last week:


Jennifer is willing to put in extra time and care to plan for individual students and meet their needs not only in academics but in their personal lives as well. She is able to work through challenges even when it is hard and is really dedicated to what she does. She is a superhero in my book! (Nominated by Rebecca Craig)


Paula paused her massive copying job to run and get me poster board for cafeteria posters. (Nominated by Jill Calloway)


Even through a rough week with Early Childhood starting up and many students without required immunizations, she never complained or fussed. Every time I call Cyndi on the phone, she brightens up my day with her cheerful disposition and sense of humor.

Learning Environment Checklist


Please look over this checklist and make sure that you have all of these critical things in place. Ms. Covington and I will be looking for these things as we visit classrooms this week.


  • Class Rules/Consequences posted
  • Color Chart, Class Dojo or other behavior mgmt. plan evident & used
  • Cool-down area with reflection sheet
  • Daily Schedule with times/subjects posted on board or wall


  • Kid-friendly learning targets posted
  • Vocabulary intentionally taught and words displayed
  • Students using notebooks in content areas
  • Less teacher talk/more student talk and engagement
  • Collaborative learning
  • Content visuals and anchor charts posted
  • Proficient/Distinguished student work or teacher-made examples used as models
  • Rigorous materials used

Learning Environment

  • Visually engaging
  • No trash on the floor/laying around
  • Functional room arrangement that allows for flexible grouping
  • Bulletin boards organized & attractive
  • Clean, organized chalkboard/whiteboards


  • Safety Procedures/Evacuation Map
  • Lock Down Packet/Safety Bag
  • Furniture functional and safely arranged


  • Print-rich
  • Accessible/used by students/easy management
  • Organized & neat
  • Organizational systems in place (i.e turn-in spot/notebooks stored, etc.)