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"I Can", Rome and Greece

Ancient Greek Enduring Impacts

When you look around and just stare you don't think that there is anything important, but there is. Greece has left us many things that have impacted the way we live today. We have Aristotle and he left us all of the history about Ancient Greece that we know now. Euclid gave us geometry and the Pythagorean Theorem was named after Greek mathematician Pythagoras. The Greeks invented columns that are on almost every government building today. They left us with porches, without those we wouldn't be able to just sit with friends and talk about things. Aristotle gave us the first school, the Academy. Without the impacts of Ancient Greece we wouldn't have the modern day GPS, or school (I know probably not one of the best ideas) or vending machine. So we should thank the Greeks for giving us these ideas and the history that we know today.

Ancient Rome Enduring Impacts

Rome also left us with some enduring impacts that have made a big difference in our society. The tripartite government that Rome had is what we have today. In Rome their government was made up of the Magistrates, Senate, and the Assemblies and Tribunes. We have the same thing today but our names are different. We have Executive, Judicial, and the Legislative. They also had written laws, the 12 Tablets. Our written laws are a document called the Constitution. Without these laws what would our country be like today? Think about it without the Romans what would our government be like today? Would it be a Dictatorship, or would we have kings and queens. Roman also gave us the ability to drive on streets. That's right the Romans made the roads that we drive on today. They made arches that help support the bridges that they made. Rome had the first Police and Fire Departments also. Rome was the birth of the Latin language, that also became the root of many other languages like French and Spanish. All of the things that the Romans have done for us have helped shape our government today and how we run it. Thanks to the Romans our society is not crazy and hectic. So thanks to all the Ancient Romans who helped shape our government.

Trade Routes in Ancient Rome

Romans traded with everyone around them. They traded with Italy of course considering that Rome is a city in Italy. But they traded with the rest of Europe. They also traded with Greece and Africa. Since they were in the middle of Italy and they were on the coast they were an ideal trading city.