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June 1st, 2022

June has arrived and with it comes the final few weeks of our 2021/2022 school year. When we pause briefly to think back, the year has been full of ups and downs, triumphs, and moments of frustration. As we welcomed our Eagles back to school last September, we knew that this year would hold plenty of unknown opportunities. These past nine months certainly delivered in that regard, and we have so much to celebrate together in honoring our students, families, and Monroe team. If you are reading this update, we thank you for your ongoing support and dedication. Together, we have accomplished more this year than we thought possible only one year ago. As a school, we are grateful for your partnership.

Below is our second-to-last update for the year. Our final MOE News of this 2021/2022 school year will be sent just prior to our final day together on Wednesday, June 22nd. This version of MOE News contains a variety of updates including items pertaining to these final few weeks and our upcoming 2022/2023 school year. Please take a moment to review this information at your convenience.

Thank you in advance for your time in reviewing this information - Enjoy!

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  • Friday, June 3 - Spirit Day (Beach Day)

  • Friday, June 3 - Learning Improvement Friday (1:35 pm dismissal)

  • Thursday, June 9 - 5th Grade Celebration @ 6:30 pm

  • Friday, June 10 - Spirit Day (Holiday Day)

  • Friday, June 10 - Early Release (12:20 pm dismissal)

  • Friday, June 10 - PTA End-of-Year Aloha Bash 2022 @ 5:30 pm

  • Monday, June 13 - Field Day

  • Friday, June 17 - Spirit Day (Superhero Day)

  • Friday, June 17 - Learning Improvement Friday (1:35 pm dismissal)

  • Monday, June 20 - Juneteenth observed (No School)

  • Wednesday, June 22 - Last Day of School (12:20 pm dismissal)

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Comprehensive School Safety Practices

Sadly, last week our school community and nation again mourned the loss of lives, this time elementary age children and educators in Uvalde, TX. There are no words to adequately describe thoughts and emotions in such a tragedy. As noted in last week’s communication, our team was especially cognizant in meeting the emotional needs of our students as they are surrounded each day by adults who deeply care for them. School safety is an area of ongoing focus, especially as it pertains to proactive practices and supports that we work to ensure. Most notably, this begins with our daily efforts to connect students in an school environment that is positive, inclusive, and supportive. Individualized services, including counseling support, are available and part of our tiered support network to identify and meet student needs.

In addition to the social and emotional supports that are in place across our school, we do focus on several practices that are part of our comprehensive approach to school/student safety. Improvements in this regard are ongoing as we never want to assume that growth is not possible or needed. With the help of our Everett Public Schools resources and local law enforcement through the Everett Police Department, we work to continually review the safety protocols of our campus. Thankfully, our physical building is relatively new and was constructed with specific school safety needs in mind. These include our front entry system, including the video intercom and secure vestibule prior to entering our front office. Additionally, our school was constructed with very specific entrance points including our access control system. This allows us to maintain locked and/or specifically monitored entry point across our school campus at all times. Access control system badges are only issued to district employees. Badges are deactivated when an employee is no longer an EPS staff member.

Additionally, our school was designed with specific security functions that allow us to immediately alter access to and within our building at any given point should that need arise. These, and other integrated features, are included as part of our regular schoolwide drills that include practiced protocols for emergency situations including earthquakes, fires, and other safety/security threats. As noted as part of last week’s communication, we did postpone last week’s scheduled drill in order to provide time to reassure students as to the purpose of each of these planned drills. Our team will work to reassure each of our students prior to these drills as we want to be careful that they understand a drill does not mean that we have an unsafe situation on our campus.

In the weeks and months ahead, our Safety Committee will continue our collaborative work to ensure that we are taking continued steps to constantly assess and improve student safety and campus security here at Monroe. We want to thank you for your continued partnership in this regard as your practices on our campus help to ensure alignment and consistency for our students.

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Summer Chromebook Collection Information

As we head into June, our school and district are preparing for the collection of student devices (Chromebooks) for needed summer maintenance. If your student has a Chromebook assigned to them for home use, we are asking that they be returned to our school next week beginning Monday, June 6th. We will work to collect/record returned devices across next week and prepare each device for this needed opportunity to update over the coming summer break. Once we have recorded the return of this device, please know that you will receive an automated email confirming the completion of this return process. Please note that due to the large number of Chromebook returns that will need to be documented, you may not receive a confirmation email until later in the summer.

Please note that if your child is participating in a district-sponsored summer program (likely our district’s Summer Academy), they should keep their device over the summer and return it when the school year starts again in the Fall. If you have a district-owned internet hotspot, you may also continue to use this device over the summer if needed for school-related use.

Please contact our Monroe office with any associated questions. Otherwise, if your child has a Chromebook that has been checked out to them for home use, they should return this device and the device charger next week, beginning next Monday, June 6th. Thank you for your assistance with this needed return process.

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School Spirit Fridays

As part of our collective celebration this June, we will end each of the remaining weeks with a School Spirit Friday. These fun, dress-the-part opportunities are encouraged for all students as we celebrate the successes of this school year and embrace the coming summer. Below are our three upcoming School Spirit Friday themes:

  • Friday, June 3rd - Beach Day: Nothing says summer like a trip to the beach. Dress accordingly with your favorite beach shirt, hat, and sunglasses (no bathing suits please).
  • Friday, June 10th - Holiday Day: Why wait? Feeling like Halloween in June, go for it! Perhaps Valentine’s Day or May-the-Fourth are just too far away. Don’t wait for 2023 to celebrate again. Wear your favorite holiday-themed gear on Holiday Day (no Halloween masks please).
  • Friday, June 17th - Superhero Day: This year required the “super” inside of all of us. Let’s celebrate our final Friday of the year superhero style with your favorite outfit (personalized capes highly recommended).
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Celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride Month

June is Pride Month, a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and honor the history and achievements of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) community. As a school and district committed to inclusion, equity, and achievement in every regard, we believe in the importance of safe, positive learning environments where every child, every family, and every team member are welcomed, respected, and empowered. As we work to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month, we will focus on the many LGBTQ+ leaders who have worked to improve our daily lives. This celebration concludes a year of school-wide celebrations as we have worked to learn, share, and honor together as a cohesive school community. Please join us in celebrating and honoring LGBTQ+ Pride Month throughout this month of June!

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Summer Updates + Other 22/23 Information

Please know that we will continue to send summer editions of MOE News during the months of July and August. Please look for the frequency of these to increase as the new school year approaches in late summer. As always, should you need anything over the summer months, please send us an email as we would be happy to connect. Several of our team members are on campus year-round and are available to assist you with your needs. Please look for summer editions of MOE News beginning in July.

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EPS Parent Engagement & Innovation Showcase

Please join families from across our district on June 6 from 6:00pm to 7:00pm at the Everett Public Schools Community Resource Center to learn from and engage with staff about two of our strategic plan innovations - Event Link. During this meeting, EPS leaders will showcase new technology that has been integrated into our classrooms to improve student learning, such as the flat panels and classroom sound enhancements. Additional opportunities will include an overview of:

  • Let’s Talk request form
  • Parent University
  • Common Sense Media app review
  • How to get technology help
  • Home internet solutions
  • LMS parent accounts – Gradebook, HAC, Canvas
  • Go Guardian and Class Policy parent accounts
  • Student support digital health and well-being and social media

Also, in the Fall of 2023, our middle schools will shift from the current seven-period day to a six-period day. This is an opportunity to hear your thoughts about our current seven-period schedule and how we might use this schedule shift to increase student access to advanced courses, ideas about new and innovative electives, align our middle school STEM experiences to our high school STEM choice pathways, and create more elective choices for students.

Come and engage with the middle school design committee to share your thoughts, questions, and feedback about the possibilities of a middle school six-period day.

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EPS June Newsletter

Each month, our Everett Public Schools sends a newsletter to all of our families with information pertaining to all of our schools/programs. The June version of our district's newsletter (final newsletter of the 2021/2022 school year) is attached below for your consideration. In this month’s newsletter, you will find updates on each of the below topics.

  • Upcoming summer meal and other student/family opportunities
  • Vaccinations for the 22/23 school year
  • Stuff the Bus
  • Music4Life
  • And, more!
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See Anything You Recognize?

As we near the end of our school year, our Lost & Found is beyond full with sweatshirts and jackets. Below is a snapshot of our Lost & Found as of this morning. For these final weeks of the year, we will roll our Lost & Found out to the front of our school each morning in hopes that this makes checking for lost items a bit easier. Please feel free to stop by at any time to search for an item that has gone missing. If not "found" in our Lost & Found, please feel free to visit your child's locker after school.
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Thank you for taking the time to read through this second-to-last MOE News of the 2021/2022 school year. We look forward to seeing you at many of the year-end celebrations and opportunities this June. On behalf of our Monroe team, thank you again for the opportunity to serve you and your family!

Best Wishes,

Tyler & Catarino

Principal & Assistant Principal

Monroe Elementary School

tream@everettsd.org - crodriguez@everettsd.org

Phone: 425-385-7300

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