Autumn Falls

Bella Thorne


Aventura, Florida

Autumn Falls

It all started the day she moved to Aventura, Florida. Her dad was coming home from his job and Autumn's mom just got back from yoga. But when her mom gets an unexpected call that her husband has been killed in a car accident, Autumn feels as if the whole world collaspes in front of her. So while visiting her psycho grandma, she gives Autumn a book. It was a writing book. And her grandmother explains that her dad wanted her to have it. Puzzled, Autumn thinks why her dad would want her to write, out of everybody else, he picks her, the only one with dyslexia? Autumn takes a shot at it and writes. As weeks go by she goes to her new crush, Sean's track practice. Also watching Sean's ex-lover and bestfriend, Reenzie. Reenzie is the the mean girl in Aventure High, the type of mean girl that would put a new lock on your kocker, before you even know your own. And Autumn is at the top of her list! Autumn writes "I wish she'd slip and fall and her pole would split." but re-reading it to make sure nothing is spelled incorrectly she reads " I wish she'd slip and fall in a pile of (poop)." And all of a sudden Autumn hears Reenzie crying, she looks up and sees Reenzie being carried to the restroom and Sean is running up to her, explaining the Reenzie has done just that!

Bella Torne- AUTHOR

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"Show respect even to people who dont deserve it; not as a reflection of their character, but of yours."

-Dave Willis

Conflict: MAN vs MAN

When Reenzie sees Autumn and Sean flirting she changes her lock,on Autumns locker, makes a website that makes fun of everybodyin school, and ruins her relationship with Sean and JJ. Will Autumn stop the bulling?

~favorite quote~

pg. 47

"My Eighty-Year Old, Pink-Tracksuit-Wearing Grandmother Is Spawled Across The Piano."


  • Fiery red hair
  • Pale skin
  • Big, green eyes
  • Awkward
  • Fearless
  • Fiesty

"She changed my lock!"...

"I told you your on her list."


  • Blonde
  • Mean girl in school
  • Beautiful smile
  • Boosy
  • Cruel
  • Popular


black, leather notebook..


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