In this report I will explain a different characteristics of this new invent that everyone wants to use. A Self Balance is used to be transported quickly by the streets. I have chosen this topic because is a new mechanism very interesting and funny and I want to have it.


The most important advantage is that you can move from one place to another without moving your feets.

A positive aspect of Self Balance is that the batteries last for a long time and they are rechargeable and portable.

Another positive aspect is that you can find it in all colors and it is suitable for children over 8 years.


One disadvantage of them are the batteries, there are problems of combustion in these batteries and finished burning. This makes them unsafe and dangerous. But this problem only happens with the cheapest tables, usually bought in online shops.

Another disadvantage is that in countries like Germany and UK the Self Balance is forbidden on public roads because it is classificated as motor vehicles.

Hoverboards Catching Fire, Exploding


To conclude this work, I think that It is an advance in technology and every time are creating innovative objects. This project is very interesting, exciting and I have learned more vocabulary. I would recommend Self Balance everyone who loves the new technology.

If you wish to know more, you can discover more things in this website that you have below here.