Green IT and Global Warming

By Corey Elitzer

Why Is Going Green Important?

There are several reasons why going green is important. One simple reason is the environmental status. The environment is being affected by several toxins in the air; due to unnecessary pollution, and waters which are leaked. This will have the ultimate effect of killing animals and insects.

Another reason that may go unnoticed is using pesticides. According to Sally-Painter ( using pesticides can affect human health via foods such as fruits&veggies, seafood, and others. When the pesticide seeps through the food, and we consume it, we are in turn consuming the pesticide.

Different Ways You Can Go Green!

There are so many ways you can go green! You may not think of some of the easiest ways that you are actually helping yourself, and the economy. One way you will help is by going paperless. Our world is becoming a technological world anyways, so why waste paper when it can be done on a computer-based system. Another way you can help everyone out is by using rechargeable batteries. Not only is this efficient in the world, because most people do not properly recycle batteries, but it will save you money in the long run. A no-brainier to help the economy is by using an alternative fuel vehicle. This will not only save you tons, but will ultimately stop most of the pollution.

Green School Tips

Going green in a school will not only be an effective way to be noticed, but also will help the surrounding neighborhood, maybe even influencing them. A good thing to do in school, is really emphasize on recycle bins and maybe even a recycling club. This will get into the kids minds one way or another that "hey, my school is really big on recycling".

As a school, you can do a 'Going Green' walk, that promotes a healthy lifestyle and encourages, maybe even obligates people to think about the effects they are causing to their environment.

The third thing we can do as a school, is go paperless. Instead of letters that must be sent home, e-mail blast them. Other schoolwork can all be done via technology, and trust me; the 10 page Calculus packets can go away! It will still be there, but maybe even the kids won't think it is that long anymore, because lets face it; Who wants a big bulky packet in their book bag anymore?!

Global Warming

What is it?

Global warming is basically the rise in the average temperature. This is caused by an increase in C02 levels. An increase in C02 levels are caused by mainly us, as we increase in population, we are in turn increasing C02 levels. Another main reason with an increase of C02 is the burning of fossil fuels. Some fossil fuels include coal, oil, and natural gas for industry. These are used for transportation, heating our homes, and generating electricity.

The temperature is more of the Earth's atmosphere and oceans. Since the 1900's, Earth's temperature is only rising. It is rising faster than ever, which is an epidemic because of several reasons. Just look at the pictures below, these are the effects of global warming.