Go Ask Alice


Read her dairy. Enter her world. You will never forget her.

Go ask Alice is a book about a troubled teenage female who started out with typical teenage issues, but as time went on they grew into deeper struggles. This book is the girl's (whose name is never mentioned) diary entries of her life for about 2 years, as she struggled with drug addiction. The novel does not specifically state the exact locations of her journeys but she does have a place she refers to as "home." She also became a runaway, not one, but twice, because she felt she needed a new start away from home but all it did was make her battle worse.
“I'm partly somebody else trying to fit in and say the right things and do the right thing and be in the right place and wear what everybody else is wearing. Sometimes I think we're all trying to be shadows of each other, trying to buy the same records and everything even if we don't like them. Kids are like robots, off an assembly line, and I don't want to be a robot!”


I chose this book because of the reviews it had on it & was intrigued immediately. In my opinion, this book is reality of some teenage girls. She goes through struggles that some people do in real life. My favorite part was when she was out on her own and realized how much she wanted and needed to be home, clean, and safe. I would most definitely rate this book a 4.5 out of 5 & I would recommend this to a high school level or higher because of the language and action taken in Go Ask Alice.
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