SLCS District Update

June 10, 2021

Note from the Superintendent

Dear SLCS Families and Staff Members,

On behalf of the entire community, I want to offer “Congratulations!” and “Best Wishes!” to the members of the Class of 2021 and their families.

Seniors from both SLHS and SLEHS have upheld the tradition of excellence associated with our district through their many accomplishments in the areas of academics, athletics, and the arts. This was evidenced as honorees and their families gathered earlier this week for the senior honor’s assemblies at each high school.

Through their many accomplishments, each senior has represented themselves, their families, schools, and community with distinction throughout their time in SLCS. This Saturday, members of the Class of 2021 will enter their respective school stadiums as high school seniors and leave as high school graduates. May they forever wear the label of SLCS alumni with honor, dignity, and pride.

As the graduates look back over their school career, may this year serve as an example that no challenges are too great to overcome. They will move on from SLCS with the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to meet the promising future for which they are destined. May each of you make a difference in your piece of the world!

Congratulations Class of 2021!


Steven P. Archibald


Secondary Families

Second Semester Grades for High School Students:

If a high school student is considering choosing the CR/NC notation on their report card in lieu of the grade for the semester, a parent or guardian must fill out and return the form by June 10th for Seniors and June 21st for 9th through 11th grade students. Forms will be available on June 4th for Seniors and June 21st for 9th through 11th grade students.

Last week of school schedule reminder for Middle and High School students:

Monday, June 14th - full day of in-person instruction (classes 1, 2, 3)

Tuesday, June 15th - full day of in-person instruction (classes 4, 5, 6)

Wednesday, June 16th - ½ day of in-person instruction (classes 1, 2)

Thursday, June 17th - ½ day of in-person instruction (classes 3, 4)

Friday, June 18th - ½ day of in-person instruction (classes 5, 6)

Elementary Families

A reminder of the upcoming schedule for the end of the year:

  • Monday, June 14 and Tuesday, June 15 - Full day for students (in-person students: these are in-person days)

  • Wednesday, June 16 - Half day for students (in-person students: this is a remote Wednesday)

  • Thursday, June 17 and Friday, June 18 - Half days for students (in-person students: these are in-person days)

Food Service

Last Curbside Pickup was on Wednesday, June 9th. Families can look at the District website for locations serving meals during the summer: Meet Up and Eat Up website and Active Faith are good resources for families during the summer months.

Special Education

The SLCS Special Education Department’s Adult Transition Program provides work based learning opportunities for our young adults (18-26 year olds). The adult transition teachers have worked hard to build relationships with businesses within the South Lyon Community, but we need more. If you own or know of a local business that would be interested in partnering with our adult students, please encourage them to call 248-573-8220 or email Great things can happen when we work together. Thank you for your support of the South Lyon Community Schools Adult Transition Program.

Technology Device Returns

Prior to the end of the school year, the District will need to collect the Chromebooks and hotspots that were issued to students and families.

Middle School and High School students will turn in their signed out devices, power supplies, accessories, etc to their Building Media Center.

  • Starting Wednesday, June 2nd*, High School seniors may begin turning in their devices.

  • Starting Wednesday, June 9th*, all other secondary students may turn in their devices.

  • * Exact start days will be determined and communicated to students by each schools’ administrative and instructional staff.

  • A receipt will be provided annotated with the asset tag number of the device(s) turned in.

Elementary Schools, VLP students and those HS and MS students who do not turn in at their school:

  • Starting Wednesday, June 16th, all elementary and VLP students may turn in devices and accessories to the Griswold Operations Center (22727 Griswold Rd).

  • Turn in Dates: Wednesday, June 16th through Friday, June 25th, excluding weekends.

  • Turn in hours: 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM. Use Door #21, on the east side of the building, and proceed to the next available check-in station.

  • Be sure to bring power supplies, cable, accessories, etc.

  • A receipt will be provided annotated with the asset tag number of the device(s) turned in.

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: District Chromebooks will be placed in a disabled status after the end of the school year. A status page indicating the disabled status will be displayed when the Chromebook is turned on.

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: Those students who will be attending any of the school summer academic programs that require the use of a Chromebook, will need to turn in the Chromebook that they are currently using and sign out a “Summer Ready” Chromebook. This may only be done at the Griswold Operations Center during the turn-in times stated above.

Questions may be directed to

SLCS Shout-out

This week’s shout-out goes to SLHS Art Teacher Niki Keena for her contribution and dedication to SLHS. In addition to quality teaching, she is the head of the Student Council. Niki is quick to volunteer her time for any cause. Her professionalism and natural leadership ability make her an exemplary role model for students and the SLHS Community.

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