Hip Hop Dance

A Series Of Eye Popping Moves

Where The Magic Began

Hip-hop was originated in the late 60th of the 20th century and continues to evolve to the present day.

Hip-Hop culture started in New York among the latino and african americans. In 1967, Clive Campbell from Jamaica, who was labeled Kool Herc was considered to be one of the founders of hip-hop. Later on, he became what was known as "Dj" and in jamaica the "Dj" was a "master" of the music system.

When rap came along Dj gathered dancers and had them began to repeat the instrumental breaks between verses, during which the dancers came out to the dance floor and showed their skills.

Jabbawockeez - Battle of the Year 2014


I picked this video to demonstrate the dance moves of hip hop.

The group " Jabbawockeez " is a great example of break dancing, popping, robot, floating and sometimes liquids and digits.

The jabbawockeez work hard to exaggerate and show the power behind each dancer move.

Break Yo Self Foo 7: Battle Junkies vs. iLL Soulz


I picked this video from Illmatik2010 because the video shows a perfect demonstration of b-boying, krumping, and jerking.