Strategies to Motivate Underachieving Gifted Students

The Big Ideas

  • Students tend to be motivated when they find a task meaningful, believe that they have the skills to do it, and find their efforts supported by those around them. When assignments are given to the students, the teacher should always be looking to the interests of the learner to help design the task ahead. Any objective can be shown through a variety of ways, therefore the final product can look differently for each learner. By teaching in this way, deeper understanding and meaning occurs for the learners.
  • Gifted students are at risk for believing that their abilities are simply given, particularly if others in their lives have not discussed their giftedness with them. If a student believes that their talents are simply given, they may not put forward their very best. By doing this, in turn they are not sharpening their skills and start to fall behind. Each learner should continuously be moving forward and not backward or being stagnate,
  • Comments such as “My teacher doesn’t like me,” “I can’t learn this way,” and “This stuff is too easy” are indicative of students who see their environment as unsupportive. Learners need to be supported in all areas of their existing world. Through the support of teachers, parents and mentors students will be able to obtain the view point that adjusts their attitude and behavior to be successful.

I still have questions...

  • If repetition bores many of these students, but the student still has a few gaps, how can I appropriately help the students that still need help with unknown concepts?
  • How can I appropriately help my gifted student who excels in one subject, but needs more guidance in a different subject without them being frustrated that they are not doing activities with more rigor?

Act Now!

  • As a teacher I encourage nurturing your children’s curiosity and love of learning through opportunities outside school that help them explore their interests. When interests are found and made known, the possibilities are ENDLESS!