Self Discovery Project

by: Virginia Norred period:5 9/12/14

About me

I am quiet, funny, friendly, caring and helpful.

I was named after both of my grandmas. I was born in Monroe, Louisiana and lived in Louisiana for 9 years and then moved to Texas.

Random Facts:

  • My favorite colors are purple and blue and green.
  • Some places I like to eat at are Razoo’s, Piccadilly, Chili’s and Pizza Inn.
  • Some of my favorite movies are Divergent and the Hunger Games series and I also like October Baby.
  • Something I love to at school is Orchestra because I love to play my cello. I also like my art class because I like to draw and paint.

My family

I have a dog (Penny) and a cat (Mr. Whiskers).

My mother just had a new baby on September 2, 2014 and that means I have a new baby sister named Eva.

I have four younger siblings and I am the oldest in my family.

I have one brother and he is in 6th grade and goes to Tidwell. And I have three sisters, one is in elementary and the other two are at home.

Pictures of me though the years