Cockatoo Paridise

an amazing pet to have

About Cockatoos

Cockatoos are pale white with yellow on the head

The facts are they eat a mixture of fresh fruit veggies and seeds. They are the loudest parrot. They live in rainforest’s of Australia, Indonesia and New Guinea. They live 50 to 80 years.

Why Cockatoos are good pet is because their food is really cheap.

What I like about this animal is they need a lot of attention so I need to feed them a lot and play with them a lot.

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More About The Cockatoo

cockatoos are one of the most well known birds in the parrot family. cockatoos can use there feet to grasp things so they are excellent climbers. cockatoos can live up to 40 to 60 years long and up to 100 years in the zoo.

cockatoo cinquin poem

Cinquain Poem

By Sonny Maldonado


Furry soft

Energetic big light

Bright loud white aerodynamic


Cockatoo song

Cockatoo song to the tune of yankee doodle

Cockatoos cockatoos cockatoos are furry if you take a long enough time you can teach them to speak come on cockatoos stay awesome come on cockatoos cockatoos you are awesome even if you cant speak cockatoos cockatoos cockatoos are furry if you take a long enough time you can teach them to speak come on cockatoos keep it up come on cockatoos you are super awesome and you will learn to speak

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Rabbits can be brown white black and a lot of other colors.

Rabbits have an amazing sense of smell. Rabbits have extremely strong hind legs. Rabbits are territorial animals.

Rabbits are really cute I will never forget to feed them because they squeak really loudly and they don’t need much attention.

What I like best is their food is really cheap and the cage is really small.

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Iguanas have fat stores in the hips. They don’t have a bony appearance.

Iguanas live 15 to20 years. The longest iguana is the green iguana.

Iguanas are really small and really calm. They don’t need to be fed very often. They only need 75 to 90 degree temperatures to be comfortable.

They are really small. They can whip their tail as a defense
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Rat’s tails are about 2 in. Rat’s bodies are usually 3 in.

Rats are extremely social. They enjoy the company of other

Rats. Rats have excellent memories.

I can play with them. I can get multiple rats. They’re really calm.

They are really small. Their tails are really long
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Garden Snake


Garden snakes have black tongues and black stripe all along its back black dots all along its sides.

Garden snakes hunt food. Garden snakes shed skin as they grow. Garden snakes are cold blooded.

They calm down if handled. They do not have venom. They are carnivores.

They calm down when you handle them