Cheerful Chipmunk News

January 2016

Last Month

We had SO MUCH in December! The month was filled with fun projects, Christmas decorations and special treats. Thank you to everyone who able to come to our party. The children were so excited to see all the parents here and the whole party was a huge success. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Coming Up...

We have lots of exciting plans for January. Our themes this month will include arctic animals, winter weather, what we wear, snowmen and all things snow. Hopefully we will have lots of snow to play in and do some fun activities and science with. Please feel free to share any snow pictures with us this month! We would love to see pictures of any snow people or creatures that you make or any fun winter activities that your family does.

Some Reminders

If anyone would like a copy of our slideshow, please be sure to bring a burnable DVD so we can get that done for you. Also, with all the colds and extra germs, please make sure you are taking beds home to be washed every week. Lastly, we are trying very hard to make sure everyone has everything that is their's for outside time. To help, please make sure that everything your child brings to Milestones is labeled clearly.

Thank you!

Miss Caitlin and Miss Jackie