By Cyle K.


Today I will tell you about Poland. you will get to see their flag, a map, special customs, monuments, Traditional costumes worn, typical foods, and special holidays


Here is monument number one. this is called the Westerplatte Defenders moument.


Here is monument number two. It is called the Monument of Fallen Shipyard Workers.

Holidays and Customs

Two holidays in Poland are Boxing day and all Saints day. In Poland, Boxing day is basically Black Friday. They just seem to take is way more seriously. All Saints day is a very sad day in Poland. It is basically a day to worship the dead.


Okay. So today you learned about Poland. I told you about the following:
  • I showed you you a picture of the flag (in introduction)
  • I showed you a map showing the countries that Poland borders
  • I showed you a picture (with caption) of Polish food. (cheese)
  • I showed you a photo of children wearing usual Polish clothing.
  • I showed you two different monuments. ( Westerplatte Defenders Monument and Monument of Fallen Shipyard Workers.)
  • I showed you two holidays that are important in Poland. (Boxing Day and All Saints Day.)
  • And finally, I showed you a Picture of kids doing a traditional Polish dance.