6 years in business thanks to YOU!

Gratitude on my six year anniversary with Stella & Dot

Yesterday I celebrated six years with Stella & Dot! It's the longest I've been with any job due to grad school and my early days moving from state to state as an Army wife. This journey started for me as I sat nursing my second baby while surfing the web, feeling very much like a desperate housewife. I had been doing the stay at home mama gig for close to two years and though I loved my time with my girls, I longed for something just for me. I had become a professional job hunter - scouring postings for an opportunity that would give me a professional outlet but yet provided me flexibility to work around my family. I was becoming convinced that it didn't exist and then I stumbled on Stella & Dot.

But here's the funny part: I scrolled right on past it! Sure the accessories were gorgeous but direct sales? No way. I thought it was pushy and I had no sales experience at all so I immediately ruled it out. I did get sucked into the website while shopping for a particularly gorgeous necklace though, and I started reading about the mission of Jessica DiLullo Herrin, our CEO and founder. It seemed younger and fresher than what my preconceived notions of direct sales were like, so as hard as I tried I couldn't push it far from my mind. After nine months of flirting with the idea of becoming a stylist, my hubby pushed me to give it a try assuring me that I've spent $199 on a trip to Target before - and I had nothing to lose.

I sometimes think back to that decision to pull the trigger and give it a go, and I wonder what life would be like now if I hadn't jumped on board. It's hard to describe what this opportunity has given me, but I keep coming back to the word MORE.

More friendships.
More fun.
More money.
More traveling.
More accessories.
More professional satisfaction.
More confidence.
More faith in myself and others.
More wine (keeping it real).
More JOY!

Stella & Dot has blurred the lines of business and pleasure in the very best of ways, and my heart overflows with gratitude. Gratitude to Jessica for following her passion and creating this platform for women like me, gratitude for the support of my many mentors, gratitude to my Stella besties across the country for being my sounding boards, gratitude to my incredible team of over 350 women for reminding what true strength and beauty looks like, gratitude to my hubby and kiddos and Mom & Dad for being my biggest cheerleaders and my true 'why' - and gratitude to YOU, my faithful Hostesses and customers for your steadfast support. It's because of all of you that I've been able to experience MORE, and I am oh so thankful.

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Want MORE in your life?

Email me and let me know! My passion lies in helping other women start their own Stella & Dot businesses. No sales minimums or quotas - do a little or do a lot. It's your pace, your way! We have an incredible sign on special right now. I've learned that there is nothing to lose but so much to gain!