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October 2019 Volume 6, Issue 1

Upcoming Events

11/6 - PTA Mtg. at 7:00 p.m.

11/6 - Winter Plant Sale Begins

11/6 - Picture Retakes & Yearbook Pictures

11/8 - Veteran’s Community Breakfast

11/13 -Site Based Team Mtg. 8:20 a.m.

11/20 - Miss Chocolate Fundraiser pick up

11/27 - K-5 Parent Teacher Conferences ½ day

11/28 & 29 - School Closed – Thanksgiving Recess

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From Mrs. Welker's Secong Grade

The second graders in Mrs. Welkers’ class have been busy building their reading muscles in Reading Workshop. The students spend their workshop time, practicing skills that are modeled to them during the mini lesson, shopping for books in the classroom library, and reading with partners to execute those important reading skills taught in class. Our classroom has a “Reading Stamina” chart that helps us monitor how long we are able to independently read. Our goals help us build our reading muscles. Readers are really getting stronger and stronger every day in second grade!

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From Mrs. Geiger's & Mrs. William's Third Grade Class

Mrs. Geiger’s and Mrs. Williams’s third grade class tried to “Save Fred” as a team work STEM activity. This is a cooperative activity that has children work in pairs to save a hapless gummy worm named Fred who has managed to capsize his boat and lose his life preserver. Working together, students must rescue Fred, turn his boat right side up, and put on his life preserver – all without hurting Fred or dropping him into the “lake.” The children were not allowed to touch any of the material with their bare fingers. This activity helps children develop teamwork, problem solving, communication, and fine motor skills. The kids had a blast trying to “Save Fred.”

From Fourth Grade

Mrs. Order’s class and the rest of the fourth graders at Lincoln Avenue had the experience of a life-time! They participated in a fully interactive, in-school field trip, called Journeys into American Indian Territory. This field trip provided an opportunity for the students to step into a world that few children in Sayville would ever get to see.

The students were able to experience a model longhouse large enough to walk through. It contained genuine furs, baskets, rattles, and other items for the students to see and touch. The students were also able to hear American Indian folktales that have been handed down for generations, play with instruments that the American Indians used, played American Indian games, and even created a clay pinch-pot!

The children not only had a great time learning, but they came away with much more than that. They ended the day with a deeper understanding of respect, their responsibility to the Earth and the role that American Indians play in our lives today.

Family Connect Nights

Please mark the following dates as "Family Connect Nights". We believe that family unity is vital to the foundation of Lincoln Avenue Elementary School. Quality family time that is uninterrupted is essential to keeping families close. Research has shown that reinforcing relationships and seizing and savoring moments of connection benefit the well-being of both parents and children.

To encourage and support this important goal, we plan to designate one night of every month for the remainder of the school year as “Family Connect Night.” We understand that there are often events or activities that follow a specific weekday schedule. With a rotation of days, we are hopeful that all families have many opportunities to participate. No academic homework will be assigned to students on these nights with the hopes that your family will spend time together with a preferred activity! This year, six of the nights will be district wide “Family Connect Nights”.

Thursday, October 24

Wednesday , November 20

Tuesday December 10

Monday, January 13

Wednesday, February 26

Tuesday, March 17

Tuesday, April 28

Thursday, May 28

Wednesday June 3

Supporting Reading at Home

Here are some ways you can help your child develop a powerful reading life outside of school

  • When you’re out and about with your child, make time to sit and read, or to visit a library or bookstore. The more they are around books, the more kids want to read.
  • Find a quiet place and quiet time (as much as possible in our busy lives) for your child to read. We’re aiming for children to read at least half an hour a night, and more than that when possible. When some nights are cut short, try for some longer stretches on the weekend.
  • Ask your children what kinds of books they enjoy. If they’re not sure, let them explore the library or a bookstore - or come browse our classroom or school library. There is a book for every child, we just have to find that magic match.
  • Check in with your child to see how they are enjoying their reading. Maybe even grab yourself a copy of the book so you can have book chats.

Jumpstart Your At Home Reading Life

Parents often ask for ideas of how to lift the level of the reading they do at home with their children. In this video, Pablo provides seven quick tips to assist you in creating a sense of excitement around home reading while tucking in some critical reading skills at the same time.

Click on the video for tips directly from Teachers College Reading and Writing Project.

Jumpstart Your At-Home Reading Life (with Pablo)

The Site Based Team

The Lincoln Avenue Site Based Team meets once monthly to provide enriching experience to our children and to share perspectives on programs and ideas. Some events which have originated with the Site Based Team include the STEM Symposium, the Duathlon, character education programs, “Family Connect Nights” and Student Government, to name a few! We thank our Site Based Team Members for volunteering their time and efforts!


Ms. G. Locurto, Teacher Chair

Ms. K. McMackin, Parent Chair

Ms. M.Puglisi

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Ms. E Bulger

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Ms. C. Longobardi

Ms. S. Orlando

Ms. A Haas

Ms. K Schait

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The Parent Guidebook provides information about Lincoln Avenue.

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