School of Visual Arts

College and Asscociates Degree

School Info

Location: 209 East 23rd Street, New York, New York

Fees: $33,360 per year (double major)

Getting In: Application ($50.00)

Profolio (5-10 pieces of your choice to show talent and a film essay) (Main way they base student acceptance)

Statement of Intent

High School Transcripts

Standardized Test Scores (SAT/ACT) (Doesn't impact acceptance as much as the profolio and film essay)

Demonstration of English Proficiency

Enrollment: 3,974 Undergraduate Students Per Semester

8:1 student teacher ratio


City: New York, New York

Fun Things To Do: sight-seeing (Statue of Liberty, museums)

Meet new people (easy connection because of so many businesses)

Weather: Mostly rain year round, colder state

Geography: city, not many mountains, but hills, close to water (coastal state)


Payment: Scholarships (free money), Grants (more free money), and possibly student loans if needed (most likely)

Scholarships: FAFSA (up to 5,000 dollars)

Josephine County Educational Fund


Silas H. Rhodes Scholarship (minimum 3.0 GPA, based on previous academic records)

Chairman's Merit Award (minimum 3.0 GPA)

National Scholastic Art Award Scholarship (art and writing scholarship, no additional costs)

Ohio Governor's Youth Art Exhibition

FAFSA Deadline: June 30th

Goals for the Remaining High School

Goals for the Next Few Years: Complete with a high school diploma

Start volunteer work at the elderly care homes

Get a job so I can save up money for college and fees

Classes I'll Take to Achieve My Goals: exploratory art (already taken)

painting (going to take next semester)

drawing (taking in junior year)

basic design (junior year)

video productions (already taking and will continue to take throughout high school)