Me and My Girl (1984)

Me And My Girl was originally performed at the Victoria Palace in 1937, starring Lupino Lane. It was written by L. Arthur Rose and Douglas Furber with music by Noel Gay (born Reginald Armitage). After an outside broadcast of the BBC to replace a rained off sporting event, Me And My Girl ran for a phenomenal number of 1646 performances. It was revived again in 1952.

In 1983 Richard Armitage, the son of the composer, started to revive the show for the West End. It opened at the Leicester Haymarket Theatre in December 1984 and at the Adelphi Theatre London in 1985.


It ran at the Adelphi Theatre for eight years and then toured around Great Britain for three more years, co-produced by Andre Ptaszynski and Pola Jones. During this time the cast of the British production included; Brian Conley, Gary Wilmott, Lorraine Chase, Jessica Martin, Su Pollard, Karl Howman, David Schofiled, Bonnice Langford, Patrick Cargill, Bernard Bresslaw, Les Dennis, Jonathan Morris, Andrew O'Connor and Joanna Riding.

Me And My Girl still holds the record as the most performed musical comedy in the history of West End theatre. In 1985 it won the Laurence Olivier Awards for Best Musical and Best Performer In A Musical (Robert Lindsay).

In 1986 it opened at the Marquis Theatre on Broadway starring Robert Lindsay and Marianne Plunkett. Running for three and a half years, winning Tonys and Critics Circle awards. Jim Dale took over the lead from Robert Lindsay. A two-year touring production around the USA with Tim Curry in the part of Bill was staged concurrently, visiting nearly 30 US cities.

In addition, the show was produced in Australia, Mexico, South America, Hungary, Sweden, Poland, Holland, Finland, Belgium, Germany, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, as well as an all-female cast of over 90 by the amazing Takarazuka Review Company in Japan.

In 1993 the amateur license was released to Samuel French where it became the most performed amateur musical ever with over 100 productions in one year.

Principal musical numbers


A Weekend At Hareford
Thinking of No-one But Me
The Family Solicitor
Me And My Girl
An English Gentleman
You Would If You Could
Hold My Hand
Once You Lose Your Heart
The Lambeth Walk


Entré Act
The Sun Has Got His Hat On
Take It On The Chin
Song of Hareford
Love Makes The World Go Round
Leaning On A Lamp-post

The action takes place in the late 1930s’ in and around Hareford (Hampshire), Mayfair and Lambeth.