Primer End of February newsletter

February 27, 2016

We are having the best time in Primer

The students and I had a wonderful time with National Engineers Week and Favorite book Week. These experiences have given us opportunities to practice a growth mindset, persistence and collaboration. The students were delighted to show their Dr. Seuss skits to the Pre-K and Beginner students yesterday as well as test out their nest in our STEM challenge. Listed below are more details about our academic focus over the next two weeks.

First, the color and number word assessments are going well. I will continue to give words this week but will take the week before ( March 7) and the week of our play (March 14) off. We will resume assessments after spring break. This week ( February 29) we will focus on the days of the week. Thank you for embracing opportunities to practice words. It truly takes a team effort.

During reading and writing, we will focus on the comprehension focus of cause and effect using the Laura Numeroff books. During reading we will read the ( If you give books..) and study these as our mentor texts. With writing, we will imitate Laura's features into our own stories. This will be a great way to study the author, Laura Numeroff and compose our own cause and effect books.

Next, our math focus is on measurement. After exploring non standard units of measurement and techniques to measure, we are moving on with fractions. Students drove me to include this concept when they measured items this week. They came across the dilemma that items were between tiles. For example, the book is over five tiles but not quite six. This led me to include fractions in our curriculum.

Finally, our science plans include finishing our bridges and starting a more detailed unit on sunrise/set and eventually space.

Todo list

  • Schedule your child's birthday blessing.
  • Put aside paper towel roll for homework next week.
  • Look through books at home and see if you can donate any to the book drive.
  • Be on the look out for communications about what your child needs to wear under their costume. When you pack these items make sure they have your child's name on the tags and on the bag.


Important Dates

  • February 29-March 10- Book Drive for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital
  • February 29 ESDPA Speaker Series Featuring Dr. Robert Brooks 7PM at the Upper School
  • March 4 Family Game Day 1-1:45
  • March 4 Happy Birthday, Molly
  • March 6 Happy Birthday, Braden
  • March 9 Happy Birthday, Luke
  • March 9 Lower School Movie Night at the Upper School
  • March 11 Happy Birthday, Mrs. Hogan
  • March 16 Happy Birthday, Kent
  • March 16 Bright Start with Mrs. Wabrek on Lower School Literacy 8-9
  • March 16 Dress Rehearsal
  • March 17 Primer Play at 10:00 and 1:30
  • March 19-March 28 Spring Break and Easter Holiday
  • March 29 Classes Resume