What makes them stick together?

Properties of a Magnet

All magnets have 3 properties. The 1st one is that they attract materials that contain iron. The 2nd property is magnets attract or repel other magnets. The 3rd property is when you swing a magnet freely one of the poles will point north.

Magnetic Poles

On a magnet there are 2 magnetic poles. A North pole and a South pole. When poles interact they will attract or repel against one another. If the poles are opposites they will attract if they are alike they will repel.

Magnetic Force

There are two types of magnetic force. Push and Pull also known as attract or repel. When poles get close they push or pull as I said above. Those actions are part of magnetic force.

Magnetic Field Lines

Magnetic field lines are an area of magnetic force around a magnet. Distance is measured by strength of magnetic field. The closer the stronger force. The farther the weaker force. Field lines are strongest at the poles.

Magnetic Domains

If magnetic domains are facing random directions the object is unmagnetized. If the magnetic domains are all facing the same direction the object is magnetized.

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