One World Academy Teleconferences

Harvard students are invited to start a journey in awareness

One World Academy and Harvard Extension Wellness Club join forces.

On July 14th of 2013, the Harvard Extension Wellness Club and One World Academy are hosting monthly teleconferences for Harvard students to begin a journey in awareness.

About One World Academy:

One World Academy is a wisdom school founded in India by the young & dynamic visionaries, Krishna & Preetha. Their vision is to create a new generation of world citizens who live and function from One World Consciousness- a state of being characterized by freedom from every form of unhappiness, and awareness of the inherent oneness of all life.

In stark contrast to commonly held concepts, Krishna and Preetha do not believe in a spirituality that is sourced either in disillusionment with the world & incapacity to relish life or an obsessive pursuit of the transcendental. In their view, spirituality is a revolution in the entirety of one’s thinking that causes a shift from the misery of self-centric thinking to the joy of connection and compassion. It is a journey in awareness.

What is OWA’s approach?

One World Academy does not believe in projecting spiritual ideals or in indoctrination of any kind. An uncompromising spirit of awareness and inquiry guides its principles & processes. At One World Academy the individual’s inner happiness and freedom is paramount.

What is the vision behind this initiative?

The vision behind One World Academy’s initiative for Harvard is to impart ‘Life-learning’- the one crucial factor that distinguishes the extraordinary from the ordinary, loving relationships from conflicting ones and a life of vision and passion from mediocrity. OWA believes that unless an individual consciously nurtures happiness and connectedness within, every attempt on his/her part towards creating an extraordinary quality to life will be incomplete.

How will I benefit from this initiative?

This monthly series of thought-provoking spiritual discussions & guided meditation processes is aimed at helping you:

• Bring attention to some of the unresolved & unhealed areas of your life and relationships and discover peace, happiness and love.

• Nurture a conflict-free state of being, which would result in increased attention and greater joy in living.

• Break free of destructive emotional patterns.

• Discovering a higher purpose & vision for life.

Who will be facilitating this process?

Krishnaraj, who is one of the Faculty members of OWA, will facilitate this series of monthly conferences.

With almost two decades of experience in guiding individuals and groups world-over through profound, life-transforming spiritual journeys, the OWA Faculty comprises of young men and women who have dedicated themselves to a life of awareness, learning and service to humanity. They live in community at the OWA campus in India.

1 – A life of Purpose.

What is the purpose of our lives? Do we find it in our chosen careers? Is what we are doing the same as the calling of our hearts? How do we realize our life’s purpose?

2- Our uniqueness- a myth or reality?

What makes us different from the rest? A different skillset, a different culture? Why do we want to be different? Are we unique? If so, in what way?

3 – Valuing self v/s valuing the other.

What is it that actually determines whether we live in hurt or grow in love? How does one determine the delicate balance between valuing oneself versus valuing the other? Is denying oneself the same as sacrificing for the other?

4 – Does time heal hurt/sadness?

What does one do when faced with hurt and sadness? Will emotional hurt dissolve with the passage of time or can we do something to dissolve it and arrive at freedom? Does hurt really heal by itself or does it crystallize and grow stronger with the passage of time?

5 – The quality of your relationships reflects your relationship to yourself.

The quality of our relationships is determined more by our own inner state of being and not merely people or situations. Is it possible for us to feel connected to the other when we are at war with ourselves within? How do we end this war within?

6 – People are found; relationships are made.

Are quality relationships necessarily devoid of conflicting moments? Is it necessary to share the same views, ideas, likes and dislikes in order to enjoy a great relationship? If hurt and love alternate in cycles in every relationship, what is it that makes some relationships extraordinary while others not.

One World Academy Teleconferences

Sunday, July 14th 2013 at 11am

This is an online event.

Harvard Extension Wellness Club and One World Academy invite Harvard students to begin their journey in awareness.