Marie Curie

By Hannah

Marie Curie

Marie Curie was born in Warsaw MO on November 7, 1867. Marie Curie was the youngest out of five, she had three brothers and one sister . She also lost her mother when she was only 10 years old. She was a physicist and, she had one daughter. the daughter's name is Eve Curie and the youngest sister's name is Joliot Curie. Marie became the first woman to win a nobel prise, on November 5,1906. and still to this day she is the only woman to win two nobel prizes.

In World War One she used her knowledge to help the soldiers. She went to the university of paris and she graduated first in her class at the age of 15. And she is the only woman to win two nobel prises. Her husband died at the age of 46,also because of her lack of money she couldn't further her career, but she made it as a physicist her partner's name was Pierre Curie., he was also a physicist he also won a nobel prise as well.

Both of her parents were teachers and her daughter was a teacher as well. and Marie died on July 4, 1934, she died from Aplastic Anemia. and when she died she gave everything to her daughter. and when her husband died 1859-2906. and he died when he waghter and aplastic anemia is when vs 46 and her daughter died in october 22/2007 she was 102 1904-2007

And she also went to high school when she was run through only 14 years old she graduated when she was 15 and she was 37 when she had her daughter and aplastic anemia is when your vans get blocked and blood can’t run through.

She had her daughter when she was 37 she died when her daughter was 44 years old and she didn't have a funeral because they didnt have anof