Blakey's Science Class

This page is about sharing on my introduction to science

Introduction to science 6

Intro to science

This Introduction to Science unit was about getting used to science labs, journals, and handouts. Some of the labs that we did were the sand lab and letter e lab. Those were all microscope labs. Some handouts we did were Around the world in thirty minutes, observations and inferences, triple beam balence, puffer fish (etc.). Some of the journals we did were Define compare and contrast, how can we classify items in our classroom, define qualitative observations and quantitative observations and we could go on and on.

About me.

I love to yoyo, do parkour, and mountain bike. I also like to fix bikes and scooters. Not only do I like to fix them I like to tune them. If you have any bad brakes or broken bikes or scooters then I will fix them or tune them for you