Global Citizens

Main Focus: What is my purpose?

A Global Citizen Is . . .

. . . An every day goal. My part is respectfully participating in societies across the globe. Support and care is always needed somewhere.

A global citizen helps the worlds' communities provide what they constantly do and expand from there. I should WANT to participate and offer some of my free time.

Basically get out there and "just do it"... We share the world and everyone owns part of the responsibility.

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Apple A Day Project

  • If you want to make a difference you have to start somewhere
  • Project: Raise money for children in India with AIDS (Goal: $410)

- if they weren't taken care of and taking medicine, they would be moved away from their family and home

I raised $550 which is a little over the amount that provides medicine for 1 child for 1 whole year.

"My Accidental Jihad" by: Krista Bremer

  • Global novel
  • Krista is use to her beach bum life surfing without a clue what life will turn out to be like later
  • Soon she's expanding her life style and culture when she travels to Libya with her new husband and their 5 yr old daughter
  • It's different all over.. but we are all under the same sun; one love
  • Life changes unexpectedly; she wants to do the best she can with that life
  • She realizes that theres more than just herself that she has to think about
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Open Yourself Up To Knew Places and Ideas!

In Unit One, I wrote a college essay on journeying to new places, coming out of your comfort zone, and enjoying something different than usual.

  • It's great if one can experience new cultures and life styles with welcoming thoughts
  • Each person is here once and each has a purpose
  • Find themselves searching, and at some point a person will find their passion and reason
  • Become aware of the world that exists outside your area

My Satire: "Cow's Milk Is Good For You"

  • Health is something I'm passionate about and I can use that to make my mark.
  • I want to share things that are beneficial to me
  • My satirical piece is about cow's milk being for calves, and that it actually causes weaker bones in people who consume it often.
  • Know what the truth is; always look into it for yourself. Be aware.

"1984" By: George Orwell

In Unit Two, "1984" relates to my main idea of doing our personal part, in the way that Winston doesn't want to be ruled by Big Brother, doing the same things as everyone else.

  • Winston wants to be part of something he has heard of called the "Secret Brotherhood" .. but there is no such thing.
  • Winston was wanting to be part of something better; a good force

Volunteering By Choice Is A Big Step.

Incredible things that have happened around the world that were put together by people volunteering their time and effort.

  • It's beautiful what can be done when citizens come together
  • When a person gives, and isn't thinking about receiving back immediately, they learn that it is a wonderful feeling. In time, we are all rewarded.
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