Make Every Drop Count

Save Water

Colgate Turn off Faucets

Colgate and there 2016 Superbowl commercial decided to be different by not even being funny or even promoting there toothpaste. They want to pledge to save water not just even after brushing your teeth but whenever you use the sink make sure you turn the water off. They use facts to help people understand why we should pledge to save water. Like for example they say turning your water off after every use you can save up to eight gallons a day. 17,207 people decided to pledge with them and that’s saving 137,656 gallons a day. You can even let them know you are going to pledge by going on there website and typing your name in to show them that you are willing to join the act. They even use social media to spread the word as well by using hashtags like #turnfaucetsoff #twistyourwrist and #everydropcounts.