Stop bullying today!

Bullies are made, not born.

By Eimear and Josie

The different types of bullying!

Physical - Physical is when a person is physically harassed.

Verbal / non verbal - Verbal is when someone will tease a person or call them names and insulting them.

Convert or hidden. - Convert or hidden bullying is when a person will say rude and unnecessary things about another person's behind their back which will cause a reaction from another person.

Cyber bullying - Cyber bullying is when someone will send threatening and mean messages through social media.

Prejudice - Prejudice is when someone will be racist or rude about another's person's religion or their culture background.

Sexual - Sexual bullying is when someone may say something inappropriate or do actions that can make you feel uncomfortable .

The Effects of bullying!

Bullying can lead to mental problems that could be Depression, Anxiety, Headaches and problems going and liking school. Bullying can open bigger opportunities for sadness and loneliness to kick into your life also it can cause unusual sleep patterns and loss of interest in things you used to enjoy. You feel isolated and alone, you think you have experienced enough of the world to know you don't want to be here anymore when you haven't been here long enough to realise that you can get through it.

Taste your words before you spit them out!

Together we can help!

If you need help follow these instructions:

There are lots of strategies to deal with bullying some them are: Avoiding the bully and ignoring them, make a joke out of it and move on, tell the bully assertively and walk away (this is the best strategy for girls), recruit a friend to help or stick up for your self and most importantly tell someone about it!

People who can help you:

  • Your family
  • Close Friends
  • Teachers
  • Councillor
  • psychologist

If you need more help try these Websites:

Kids Helpline Helps kids deal with bullying-

Bullying no way! helps with information on how to overcome bullying-

Shows websites to help with bullying-

This website raises awareness for bullying and shows how people can overcome bullying-

This website provides information on cybersafety and shows how to overcome cyberbullying-

Bullying experiment

This shows how many bystanders are around but yet they do nothing an let it happen! Majority of the people in this film did nothing about it! This is why bullying occurs!! Its hard to believe but most of the people in this video who stopped this were girls going up against a man!!! (Sorry about the bleeping, i thought it was really important)

Statistics of most frequent bullying

This is a pie chart of bullying causing suicides.
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