State Government

Michael Dorn and Ray Gaither

State Representative Kenny Merchant, representative of district 24 (Coppell).

Congressman Kenny Marchant is known for fighting for lower taxes, eliminating wasteful government spending, and bringing accountability to the government. He is also aware to securing our borders and enforcing our immigration laws as well as protecting the people.

  • Students who attend Coppell ISD 2,870
  • Percentage of the population in this district is between the ages of 18-64?

  • Percentage of the district attained a college education?

  • Compared to the rest of the state with a 25.6 % of people with a college degree 68.8 % of residents in Coppell have a college degree.

  • Civil Labor Force, at about 21,778. As compare to the rest at 13,005,445

Texas State Agency

  • State Office of Risk Management
  • SORM Mission Statement: "The State Office of Risk Management will provide active leadership to enable State of Texas agencies to protect their employees, the general public, and the state's physical and financial assets by reducing and controlling risk in the most efficient and cost-effective manner."

How Does the agency impact the residents of texas

  • Regulate and predict spending costs and time of highway constructions and other state projects

  • They regulate the spending on projects, public and private, to ensure that money is properly being distributed.

  • The Office’s primary focus is on enterprise-level risk management, cost control, and efficiency.

What are 3 different professions/jobs within the Agency?

  • Claims Adjuster/Examiner
  • Director of Workers’ Compensation/Claims Operations
  • Executive Assistant

Recent News Article

Summary- In the article it talks about the current procedure in which someone should take if there were ever a situation in which and intruder were to come into the work place. These steps are Run, Hide, and Fight. The article goes over these steps in detail and if one step should fail go on to the next.