by. Justin Roe

General Information

  • Population: 67,976,405
  • Capital: Bangkok
  • Head of government: Prime minister Prayuth Chan-ocha
  • Head of state: King Bhumibol Adulyadej
  • Type of government: Constitutional Monarchy
  • Type of language spoken: Thai, Lao, Khmer, Chinese, Malay, and English
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Thailand's most popular sport is defiantly takraw (TAH-krohr). Although the Thai people play many other sports. For instants golf, kick boxing, and sepak takraw. In takraw players stand in a circle and try to see how long they can go without the ball hitting the ground, but you can only use your feet. But people wanted more of a challenge, so they invented sepak takraw. In sepak takraw, there is two teams and a net dividing them, but After that it's basically volleyball with your feet instead of your hands.

Thailand's national sepak takraw teams are very good, actually the best. The men's national sepak takraw team is first in the world. So is the women's sepak takraw team. Thailand has won the sepak takraw tournaments nearly every year. They have a soccer team, The War Elephants, but there not doing nearly as good as the sepak takraw teams are.

Khaosai Galaxy, without a doubt Thailand's best boxer to ever live, is someone I would like to talk to you about. He defended his title 19 times with 16 of them being knockouts. He got the nickname, "the Thai Tyson." He became a member of the international boxing hall of fame. Lastly he retired in 1991 as arguably Thailand's greatest athlete to ever live.


Thailand doesn't have a whole lot of land forms, but I will tell you some. The Doi Inthanon Mountains (highest point is 8,415 feet from sea level). In the northeast part of the country, there is the Khorat plateau. The Mekong river in the north and east parts of Thailand. The last one I will say is the isthmus that makes up southern Thailand and connects Malaysia to Thailand. About 41.2% of the land is agriculture, 37.2% of the land is forestry, and 21.6% of the land is for other things such as factories and urban areas.

The climate from mid-May to September is tropical, rainy, warm, and cloudy southwest monsoons. From November to mid-March it is dry and cool northeast monsoons. The southern isthmus is always hot and humid. Bangkok the capital of Thailand is just northeast of the isthmus. A city called Chiang Mai is located in northern Thailand. One more city, Chiang Rai, is also located in northern Thailand. Thailand doesn't have a whole lot of cities though.


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