Using Fusion Energy

By: Morgan Burke

Fusion Energy

Fusion Energy is what makes up the sun and stars. It is the fusion of light atoms at extremely high heat and pressure to create a electrically charged gas. Our lab has recently unlocked how to use this kind of energy for normal, every day power.

How we discovered fusion energy

After years of researching and experimenting, our lab team finally found how to use nuclear fusion as a power source. We had been researching to understand how fusion is used in the sun and stars. Then we began finding ways to create the same source of energy. We learned that by applying extremely high pressures and temperatures in a controlled environment to weak atoms (such as Hydrogen) a gas is created that is electrically charged. With the intense conditions placed on the atoms, they separate from the ion. When brought into contact with Lithium, the nuclei fuse creating a helium nucleus which contains a lot of energy.

Safety concerns

The difficulty that comes with experimenting and using nuclear fusion as energy is finding a stable enough environment that will allow the fusion to take place but not create an explosion. Another thing to be always cautious of is neutrons interacting with positively charged atomic nuclei. In that case, it tends to turn into a heavier isotope which typically are radioactive.

Future with fusion energy

Fusion energy could potentially solve the worlds energy problems, now and forever. By using the energy created in a nuclear fusion, we create clean energy. Much of the energy sources used now give off pollution and toxins that harm our environment. The elements used to create the nuclear fusion are common elements found naturally on Earth. Creating fusion energy plants, we would be using easy to find, natural, and very powerful elements to create a long lasting, efficient, and environmentally safe energy source.