Serve & Splash Party!

to celebrate Hadley's 9th Birthday

Details for the Event:

For Hadley's birthday, she wants to first have her friends help her pick up litter around Manor Hill, then we will enjoy Sonic slushes and play on the playground. After that, we will head back to our house (and our neighbor Jenny's) to cool off with a pool party and pizza!

Hadley's Birthday

Saturday, June 25th, 2-8pm

1400 South Skyline Drive

Liberty, MO

Please drop your kiddo off at Manor Hill to pick up litter and send them with swimming suits and a change of clothes!

Manor Hill: 1400 S. Skyline Drive

Hadley's House: 7504 N. Oakland Avenue

RSVPs are enabled for this event.


Drop Off: 2:00pm

Pick up Litter: 2:30pm

Play on Playground: 3:15

Head back to Swim & Eat: 4:00pm

Pick Up: 8:00pm