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Helen Hunt Jackson

Helen Hunt Jackson was an American writer and poet. She became an activist on improving the treatment of African Americans. In 1884, she published a naval called Romona. In this naval, she talked about how the African Americans were mistreated in South Carolina after the Mexican-American War. She attracted attention to the cause and the naval became very popular. Tourist began to visit South Carolina to see the places that she mentioned in the naval.

Morrill Act

This act was signed by Abraham Lincoln in 1862. The purpose of this act was to grant land to the states who became eligible. The act granted each state the was eligible 30,000 acres of federal land. The land that was being provided to the states needed to be used for educational institutions. The act was eventually extended to every state. Iowa was the first state to accept the terms of the Morrill Act. The institution that was created in Iowa by accepting these terms was the State Agricultural College and Model Farm, later renamed Iowa State University of Science ans Technology.


The Populists Party is also known as the People's Party. This party was established in 1891 during the Populist movement. It was based among white farmers who were poor in the south and wheat farmers in the plains states. The Populists supported the Democratic presidential nominee, William Jennings Bryan in 1896. They decided to add their own vice presidential nominee during this election. The Populists Party lasted until 1908, when it was dissolved.

Pendleton Act

The Pendleton Act is a federal law that was established in 1883. This act stated that government jobs should be awarded on the basis of merit. The Pendleton Act also made it illegal to fire or demote government officials for political reasons. The act was passed in response to the public support of the civil service reform due to James Garfield's assassination while he was president.