Pre-Kindergarten Specials

NFS Curriculum Update :: December, 2014


Students will visit the library each week for story time and to select books. Students will hear stories about winter and holidays including The Mitten, which we will read and then retell with a puppet set, and a cut-and-tell story of Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree.


This month we will continue to sing our letter songs. We will be practicing our steady beat through the use of various poems, songs, dances and classroom instruments. We will read some holiday themed books and sing some holiday themed songs. Our December composer of the month is Peter Tchaikovsky.


Our games and activities will continue to focus on physical fitness and skill development. December is the start of basketball, so many of our activities will focus on balls and ball handling. The students will learn and practice how to dribble with one hand. We will talk about very basic rules of basketball like double dribble and travelling. We will also play some fun non-basketball activities that the class will enjoy including Fire Chief and What Time Is It Mr. Fox?, as well as scenarios and challenges that promote creativity and imagination. The month will end with holiday games and activities.


In December we will finish with learning about farm animals in Spanish and we will begin our unit on colors and shapes. Pre-K students will learn to respond to the questions :¿De qué color es? and ¿De qué forma es? (What color is it? What shape is it?) We will also add the vocabulary “grande” (big) and “pequeño” (small) to their vocabulary. They will also continue to respond to questions about quantity. As usual we will continue to review all of the things we have already learned including answering some basic questions. We will also discuss some holiday traditions in the Spanish-speaking world before leaving for break.