Fitness Components

By Juico, Toby

Cardiovascular Endurance

This man is using the butterfly swimming method to increase his cardiovascular endurance.


This individual is increasing their flexibility by practicing yoga.

Body Composition

This individual is measuring their body composition around their torso with a measuring tape.

Muscular Strength

This man is toning his biceps by doing curls with dumbbells.

Muscular Endurance

This woman is increasing her muscular endurance by holding a plank position.


This group of people is increasing their agility by stepping rapidly through hoops.


This man is practicing balance by balancing himself on one arm on a rock.


This man is practicing hand eye coordination by doing simple hand-eye coordination exercises.


This man is increasing his power by lifting weights.

Reaction Time

These track runners are increasing their reaction time by running track races.


This man is increasing his speed by doing sprints on track.