Meerkat and Rhino Presentations

March 14, 2018


Over the past 5 months, we have been working hard on a project for the Indianapolis Zoo. Our goal was to create an enrichment item to provide entertainment and growth opportunities for animals at the zoo. 5th graders were assigned meerkats and 6th graders were assigned rhinos.

On March 14, 2018 at 9:00 am, we will be presenting our meerkat and rhino enrichment prototypes. Students from Mr. Teal, Mrs. Boykin, and Mrs. Anderson will be presenting their hard work. We need your help to determine the best prototype for each team!

We will need you to make a vote for the best prototype in Mr. Teal, Mrs. Boykin, and Mrs. Anderson's rooms. The winning team from each teacher will take their prototype and present to the Indianapolis Zoo. This will give the students a potential chance to have their creation in the exhibits.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Meerkat and Rhino Enrichment Presentations

Wednesday, March 14th, 9-10am

12011 Olio Road

Fishers, IN

Meet us in the cafeteria. Please make sure to come in through door 2. This will lead you straight into the cafeteria.