Sadler Means YWLA

Weeks of 4/11-4/16

Thank you for a FANTASTIC Open House!


Thank you for coming to Open House and supporting the continued success of our campus! We had about 100 guests! Our students led tours of the building in English and Spanish, and our teachers showcased all of the incredible things we do at Sadler Means YWLA!

Faculty and students who participated will be wearing jeans on Monday! We can't thank you enough!

Real Beauty Week

Thank you to Kaylee, CIS, and the Real Beauty team for a week filled with introspection about how we view ourselves and others. We appreciate that you invested in building confident scholars with strong minds, bodies, and spirits!

STEaM Night Success!

Thank you to our Science, CTE, and ART teams for a fun STEaM Night on Thursday! Not to mention help from Life Skills, our Sylvan tutors, and Mr. Aldama! It was a BLAST!

Certified Schoolyard Wildlife Habitat

Thank you to Ms. Tole for putting in the work to get our campus certified as a wildlife habitat! We appreciate you looking toward the future sustainability of our campus!
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Lemonade Day!!

Thank you to Ms. Dyer and Ms. Wartel for giving your time to work with our students as they learn about entrepreneurship! Our girls won best Customer Service! We also took 2 teams with our Girl's club!!! The girls developed a spicy lemonade that is to die for! We will keep posted for the Lemonade Day date and time!
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Harvest and ISS Student Work


I want to thank you for making it a priority to give the students in ISS and Harvest current and relevant work. Please be on the look out for notification emails from Monica Thompson, Christy Barrett, and/or Ebony Alexander.


Many departments raised the concern about the representation of teachers and supervision of students during the assemblies.

As a reminder:

  • All teachers including floating teachers are required to be in the assembly
  • Teachers must sit with their houses. More specifically, teachers must sit with their advisory classes. Floating teachers please sit with the students who have split advisories at the top of the bleachers.
  • Starting next week, we will have the bleachers labeled with teachers names and Houses. (We will have Salubritas in the middle to make more room for faculty to sit with their houses).
  • While in the assembly, you are still in charge of all the members of your class. If there are any behavioral issues, please have your student move to come sit by you. Proximity is extremely effective.
  • Deduct or Reward points to your class members for behaviors during the assembly.
  • If behaviors are not what they should be, contact parents to reiterate school expectations.
  • Make sure students are not using their electronic devices.
  • Reinforce school dresscode expectations.

Dresscode Checks

We are developing a reward that will occur in Fridays if students follow the dresscode expectations.

The department chairs and team leads developed the following plan to make sure we can accurately track and reinforce dresscode expectations:

  • The MM teacher checks dresscode daily during morning announcements by walking through the classroom and observing student uniform.
  • If a student is wearing an item that is out of dresscode that can be removed, take up the item and give the student a pass to return to pick it up at the end of the day.
  • If the student is out of dresscode and the item cannot be removed, complete the pink dresscode detention slip, and turn it into Ms. Sentena by lunchtime.
  • Ms. Sentena will enter the student information and contact the student's parents to let them know about the infraction and required one hour after school detention the following day.
  • The total number of infractions will be totaled and an announcement will be made if the students have earned the reward that will take place the following week.


Pink Dresscode Detention Slips

Passes for students to pick up items you have taken up

A copy of the Student Dresscode.

These items have been placed in your box.

Thank you for your diligence regarding this matter.

Garden Days

School Community Volunteer Days

April 16 (1-3PM snacks provided)

April 23 (9AM-12PM Chipotle providing lunch)

If students or adults attend both weekends, they will get a coupon for a free burrito from Chipotle! Adults will also earn a Jeans Pass.

Please contact Ms. Dyer or Ms. Tole to RSVP.

Weekly Reminders

Monday 4/11

  • Assembly- Reminder-New seating (Collegium/Salubritas/Integritas)
  • LAPTOPS- 8th Grade through ELA classes

Tuesday 4/12

  • TSI Testing- 8th grade (see email from Mary Wynn)
  • LBJ TSI Testing-8th grade (see email from Mary Wynn)
  • Nurse-Immunization Clinic (9-11AM)
  • LAPTOPS-7th through Science classes
  • Faculty Meeting (4-5PM)

Wednesday 4/13

  • LAPTOPS-6th through Science classes
  • PSS- Parent Registration Meetings
  • PSS- Ready, Set, College Meeting
  • CHOIR- Performance (11AM-1PM)
  • TSI Testing-8th grade (see email from Mary Wynn)
  • Librarian Appreciation Day!
  • All Dojo points due (4PM)

Thursday 4/14

  • Partner Luncheon (11AM-130PM) student list in email
  • House Reward winners will be announced

Friday 4/15 (YWLA and YMLA Event Schedule)

  • HOUSE REWARD- Block Party at YMLA (see schedule in email-stay in advisory until students and teachers arrive back from YMLA)
  • LBJ TSI Visit (see email from Mary Wynn)
  • Foodie Friday!!!

Saturday 4/16

  • Garden Work Day!
  • Snacks provided!
  • 1PM-3PM
  • RSVP to Ms. Dyer or Ms. Tole