Eliza's bio.

About me.

My name is Eliza Hope Ramirez. I was born on October 14, 1996. My parents divorced when I was nine years old. At the end of my sixth grade year my mother remarried doubling my number of siblings. I have four brothers, two sisters, three nephews, and a lovely sister-in-law.

Favorite memory.

When i was a very little girl in Indiana visiting family, my cousin, sister and I went to the mall. After receiving many warnings we set out on the road. It took us a long time to get there because most of the roads were blocked by fallen trees. Not average trees, but those huge grandfather ones you imagine have been there since God sent the Earth spinning. When we got there we bought socks, Nike socks and went home. I found the way my family lived, like storms were so trivial and the effects not noticed, simply amazing. The images of those trees have never left me either.

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Favorite animal.

My favorite animal is Penguins. Do not, for a second think that penguins are the only animals I am crazy about. There are many more I find extremely interesting and captivating.

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Favorite hobby.

To be honest sleep. Not because I'm always tired, which I am. It's my favorite because my best dreams are the ones I forget when I wake up, and sometimes I just want to remember. I also like to run, eat, throw, vault.

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