Saving Lucas Biggs

Poster By Ben Meinzer

Book Rating

This book deserves a four star rating because it had some good action parts, and some sad parts, but it did not flow very well and was hard to follow. Saving Lucas Biggs is an overall good book, but could use some tweaks.

Book Review

I Think that the book Saving Lucas Biggs is a good book, but not for kids of a third grade reading level or below. It is a good book for kids that are willing to read a medium sized book and like reading. This book is not a series, so there is no more books that are sequels or prequels to this book. This book is recommended for ages 8+
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Where you could possibly find this book.

You could find Saving Lucas Biggs at your local bookstore or on your mobile device. You could also find it on a website that sells books. By Sazing Lucas Biggs today!

Story overview

This story is about a 13 year old girl who needs to save her dad. To do so, she travels back in time so that the judge that sentenced her dad to prison. When she comes back, she realizes that she failed. The judges granddaughter comes to the girl to help save her dad. With the help of the judges old friend, they manage to send the judge a message that his father had failed to give him before he died, the judge realized that he had done a wrong and brought back the girl's father.