by Rosa Santillan

roman name

The Roman name for the "Sphinx" is Sfinge

the sphinx parents are.......................

Ekhidna and Typhoeus

the sphinx had no children

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the sphinx was known to wait out side of the city Thebes and say a riddle to any travelers if they got it wrong then she would strangle them and eat them and wait for her next traveler


one man got the riddle right and was aloud to pass by and when he left she got onto a rock and threw herself to a painful death


the sphinx was not just known for its strangling and waiting out side of the city's but was also known for its riddles

fact 4

its name " Sphinx" mean to strangle

facts 5

some thought that she was sent by Hera and Ares to Thebes in Greece

facts 6

She was sent by the gods to the town, Thebes as a punishment for some ancient crime.

fact 7

she had siblings named Cerberus Hydra and the Nemean lion

fact 8

Early in the Greek mythology, the sphinx warped the mind and spirit of this being and it was portrayed as a unhappy monster, a symbol of the 'terrible moms"

fact 9

the sphinx had no powers but was just a monster of Greek mythology that did nothing more but say riddles and strangle travelers

fact 10

"From Typhoeus the giant and Ekhidna were born . . . the Sphinx which was in Boeotia.

why i like her

she strangles people and her names means to strangle and there are a lot of people i would love to strangle so i chose the sphinx because of that :) and she seemed cool and she was my favorite
Greek Mythology: The Story of Sphinx