If you believe, you can do anything

Emma Miner Period- 4-5

Analysis of the Development of Theme

If the setting wasn't there neither would the characters, then if the characters weren't there than there wouldn't be a conflict which is pretty much the overall story. For example in "Freak The Mighty" when they are at Millpond and Freak & Max get chased by Tony D. & Blade and their gang and when Freak is on Max's shoulders telling him which way to go so they don't run into Tony D. and his gang. Or when they got stuck in the mud in the pond and then the cops had to come pull them out with a rope or something. But let's say if they didn't go to Millpond for the 4th of July then they wouldn't have ran into Tony D. or the gang, then they wouldn't have gotten chased by the gang and wouldn't have gotten stuck in the mud, and the cops wouldn't have to come and pulled them out of the mud which is in pond that they were in. None of that wouldn't have happened if they didn't go to Millpond for the 4th of July. Or another one is if they didn't go to the sewer during the night then they wouldn't have met Loretta Lee, and if he didn't meet Loretta Lee then she wouldn't have come to save Max when he was at that building with his dad. Then Loretta Lee I am guessing wouldn't have come to save him. Now that is how all the loose ends are tied together.

Reflection and Application of Theme

Yes! I do agree with the theme because for example at the beginning of the book Max says that he couldn't read or write. But then towards the end of the book he was getting better at reading and writing. So that just explains my point, if you don't believe then you are saying to yourself that you can't do something when you didn't even try and then when you do try it then you can do it because you are believing that you can do it. That also fits into our daily lives because we need to believe that we will get good grades in school. That goes with everything. If you are in dance, you need to believe that you will do good in dance. If you do sports, you need to believe that you will do good in sports. That is how it kind of blends in with our lives.


This book is about this boy named Max and his life story. People, specifically his grandpa has been calling Max him. He kind of understands why people call Max him is because of his father. He has heard this story for many years now. People down on the streets call him Killer Kane just because they heard that he had killed his mother he wasn't for sure if that was even true. His dad got sent to jail so Max is living with his grandpa-Grim and his grandma-Gram not being sure what to do. He meets this guy named Freak he is small but the same age as him. He is not for sure what to do with his complicated life. Read the book to find out more.