an aha moment...

When Jonas does not take his pills.... part 2

What is the signpost and how does it answer the question??????????

The question of an aha moment is when your reading and suddenly a character realizes, understands, or a finally figures something out......and you should ask yourself? How might this realization change things?

To answer the question above.

How might this realization change things? I think that if the aha moment was not there he would not took Gabe with him because without the pill he would not feel anything about the reels that his father does with the babies. They inject a needle into a baby's forehead; like they did to that little twin. He had to be 6 pounds and the other baby that was realest was killed by his own father. He did not believe that his dad killed the baby.

Why did the author structure it that why? Why did she include it?

If he did not take his pill he would love Gabriel so much that he saved him